This is the sea in which i'm floating

* shooting film * black & white * wet plate collodion * analog prints * classic cameras * chemical *
* the idea of handmade photography always fascinated me
* Ambrotypes that can be passed on through generations
* About: Martin / Germany / my photography is for the joy of it, not for a living
* Für Shootings und freie Projekte immer willkommen >> alternative, analoge, geduldige, monochrome Modelle Menschen mit Charme und Charisma (NRW/Duesseldorf).
* Manchmal gebe ich freie Trainings/Workshops für nette und interessierte "analoge Einsteiger"
* Contact: t u m b l r @ t r e m l . n e t
* all work here is my work

Jana by me (2012) Lith Print (Scan - 18x24)

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Jana by me (2012)
Lith Print (Scan - 18x24)
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